(This is copied from a post on pan3ccduser.com but I've had no responses thre in 48 hrs so I thought I'd try here)

I'm looking to buy a couple of wired lavs to record interviews - one lav for the interviewer and one for the interviewee - and people here seem to speak quite highly of the Giant Squid mics as a budget option.

My questions are as follows:
1. Will the plug in power in my NV-GS400 be adequate for the GS Omnidirectornal Mono Mic?
2. Would there be any advantege to buying powered mics?
3. Could I arrange two of these with an adapter such as this http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx...43086&DOY=13m10 such that the sound from one mic will go to my left channel and the other to the right (I don't understand why this shouln't work as suggested by the Q&A at the bottom of the page)
4. If I have such an arrangement will the plug in power be enough for both mics?
5. The stereo powered omni paired mics might be a better bet, but from the look of it the cables wouldn't be long enough to clip to different people. Any thoughts?