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    Unhappy Need help bad!

    I am currently working on a video project in premiere and there are some clips that I need to incorporate into it. The problem is that they were taken on cell phones and are all either in 3g2 or 3gp format. Premiere can't take these filetypes so I thought I'd just convert them, but apparently the files I have are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO F***ING CONVERT. I've probably tried over 20 different programs that are supposed to convert 3g2 to something else and none of them will work. The files play just fine as 3g2/3gp's so I know the data is there, but when I try to convert them, depending on the program I'm trying either they:
    A) Come up with an error right away and don't even convert.
    B) Convert but the output file is "damaged" and doesn't even play, or is just random static instead of video..
    C) Convert and play fine in windows, but premiere says the file is "damaged" and wont import (even though the filetype is one premiere should like)

    I don't know what to do here, I'm rapidly reaching the end of my rope. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make these files usable?


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    Hi skwerilleee,
    I've had similar problems with file formats/codecs when using premiere, i'm hoping this is something you havn't tried yet, but anyway I've always had success using SUPER (
    Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer).
    I'd recommend it, so google it (i'm not yet sure of the forum's policy on link posting).
    Hope this works for you.

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    Yea - super c is very flexible.

    As for posting links - it is cool so long as they are genuine and not fake spam.

    Clearly posting a link to a free app cant be considored spamming, so it would have been cool.

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    Thanks for the advice, already tried super though and it still didn't work for some..

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    What size are those 3g2 or 3gp video files, 160 by 120 or 320 by 240? Full size SD video is 720 by 576. does that mean you will have to stretch them to fill a full screen?

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