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Thread: Help me with Video Capture/Playback Problem

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    Default Help me with Video Capture/Playback Problem


    I am new to this forum (and video editing as well) and I need some help with a video capture/playback problem. I am filming with a Sony DCR-HC52 and editing with Pinnacle 12.

    The tape I captured today was filmed with my old Panasonic Mini DV camera (can't recall the model) and after capturing it in Pinnacle the playback video goes black every 1/2 second.

    The video I capture from my Sony doesn't do this... can anyone recommend any solutions or advice???

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi how does it play from the camera into a TV using the AV out socket, or have you got access to something like a Pioneer DVD recorder with "DV in" it might show you if you have a compatibility problem with the tape.

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