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    Default Please help a noob

    Hi everyone,

    Recently started messing about with video editing software. So far i have only used still pics and video ive sourced from various places.
    I actually now want to expand on the fun and do some of my own recording. A lot of what i want to do is chroma keying, its great fun and you can involve friends and family in some good mock ups.

    I am looking for a budget camcorder with the following attributes..

    • good lense
    • ability to connect to my laptop easily.
    • firewire connections
    • best recording format??? minidv? hd? dvd?
    • remote control
    • fairly decent zooming
    • image stability
    • good colour definition
    • anything you guys think would be most beneficial for chroma keying, ease of use and ease of connection to laptop..
    Not bothered about bells and whistles,want to get a good recording to pc, i want ease of use, good quality for the buck, easy connection to my laptop, and the best recording format for what i want to do, not looking to record hours and hours of material, and i appreciate some of you guys have a real passion for your hobby, but mine is just at the fun part and who knows i might get serious and start splashing cash all over the place when i get hooked hahaha.

    200 is what i am thinking, there is so many on the market around this price my head is going to explode trying to work out which one is for me. But i bet with the knowledge you guys have amounted will be invaluable to me, i hope you can help

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    "200 is what i am thinking" lol

    Make sure the camera is tape (DV/HD) for fire-wire avoid DVD due to loss of quality in the re-rendering after editing. Watch out for cameras that take flash cards as you will a good powerful PC to edit those files (also no firewire.)

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    Sounds like JVC's everio HD camcorders would be best. Is what I have, has a beautiful picture, works with both mac, pc and linux, connects easily to computers and very portable and a VERY REASONABLY PRICE.

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    I strongly advise against a hard drive based camera - DV tape is much easier to edit and is far less compressed so the picture is better.

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