hello im not a profesional just trying to sort out a few things for the local kick boxing club and was hoping someone could help. We are trying to record and stream to the internet tournaments at our club and others we travel to accross the country, we was hoping to be able to buy some wireless cameras that could be connected to a laptop or desktop. laptop prefered for obviouse reasons we have a good idea of the software we will need but are a little bit baffled by the amount of cameras available we know where not going to get film quality but as close to would be nice also wireless would be ideal as we can take them to diffrent clubs and do the same there without having to worry about the wires trailing everywhere any advice would be greatly recieved the computers would run either vista or xp if this would matter also what resolution would we be lookin at we havent got loads of money to spend on the project as were based in a rundown part of liverpool and most of our time is given free to the kids its just some parents cant afford to travel to diffrent clubs so we thought this could be a way of them seeing there kids fight many thanks in advance and hope someone cant give use some advice