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    hi there,

    i would like to be able to alter the speed of my video rythmically throughout the duration of the clip, by rythmically i mean i want it to speed up then slow down within certain limits over and over again. Is there a way of writing an expression in any video editing program to achieve this?, using bezier curves linked to speed nodes or something like that.



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    Yes - most decent video editors can add a bezier velocity curve. Check specs befor buying but the pro version of vegas 8 has a great velocity tool and for 50 ish quid there is a lit version available - check sony site - vegas movie studio.

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    Adobe After Effects has the exact thignyou are describing. They eve use the same term for it you do. Expressions. Anythin in AE that you can keyframe you can write code for to control it.

    Alternatively, if what you really want to do is have you keyframes keeping the beat of the soundtrack AE has some plugins available for that too.

    However, unlike Mark's offering, it's not cheap at all. budget on four figures.

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