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Thread: Which mic is good for Vegas ?

  1. Default Which mic is good for Vegas ?

    Hi all Vegas experts,

    I intend to do some narration in Vegas and have a few questions:

    (1) What mic should I purchase ? Will a USB mic works ? I ask because I can remember that if we import video from mini DV via usb there is no sound in the imported clip, unless we import using firewire. So, does that "bug" applies to mic ?

    (2) Can recommend a reasonable good mic (usb or firewire ?) for purpose of recording narration ?

    (3) any tips to lookout or any pitfalls on narration that I should be aware of ?

    (3) any video tutorial on how to do narration in Vegas Pro 8 ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ryan_khoo View Post

    (3) any video tutorial on how to do narration in Vegas Pro 8 ?
    How about
    Help | Interactive tutorials
    "How to record Audio"

    I've has some success with a cheap USB headset - mic moved about 3-4in away from mouth and away from direct line of fire (to prevent "p"s popping & wind noise from breathing)
    No doubt my SM58 would give a warmer sound, but I've yet to get a decent (ie don't break the sockets) means of connecting XLR to 3.5mm jack.
    You could also record into your camera instead (external mic preferred)
    Main thing is get the mic good and close to your mouth and away from any noise (camera/computer etc)
    Don't go into the red - unlike with analogue audio this is a MASSIVE no-no. Digital distorts at 0dB, analogue does as well but it's usable.
    It's been said many time here and elsewhere (I can't back this up as I'm too mean to buy an expensive mic) that a cheap mic a few inches from the source will give you better sound than a very expensive one 10 feet away (or something like that anyway).
    Remember, with voice we're taliking about a fairly limited range of frequencies so money spent on capturing thundering lows and inaudible sqeaks is wasted.

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    Thanks Tim for the excellent tips

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    I think lots of vo are ruined cos the person speaking is rubbish - only do it yourself if you are confident you have a great voice for this work. A poor vo can ruin a film.

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