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Thread: A Good Live Video Switcher?

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    Default A Good Live Video Switcher?

    Hello all, this is my first post of hopefully many on this site.

    I've been doing video editing and working with Final Cut Pro for about 4 years now, but I just recently started to get serious about productions and shooting professional looking video.

    I do the majority of my editing at my church, which has just started to forward quite a bit of money towards the program. We are starting to look at some equipment.

    My question is, of all the tons and tons if live video mixers I can find out there, which one stands out? I've never looked for one of these before and I have no clue what is good.
    We are trying to keep the price below or around $2,000 (US)

    We currently have one Sony HVR-Z1U camera and are planning on getting a second. I want the switcher to have at least 4 inputs. I was looking at the Focus MX-4.
    Any Good?

    Thanks a ton for any help!!!

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    I have not personally used the Focus MX-4 although after seeing it I may have to find someone who has it and check it out. I personally use the Tricaster from NewTek. Its more expensive $8000 for the pro version. But it doesn't require a seperate computer just some video monitors to view your program/preview and a computer monitor to hook up to the main unit.

    I know it is way above your cost but it is well worth it if you can get the money raised.

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    Are you actually intending to project live onto a screen or do you just want the ability to sync multi camera? If it's the later, you can record independently on several cameras and then create a multi-clip in final cut pro which is much like live switching.

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