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Thread: Feuer Frei (Bloodrayne& Rammstein)

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    Default Feuer Frei (Bloodrayne& Rammstein)

    Less then 4 minutes.
    Made with Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate.
    Scenes from games and trailers bloodrayne 1 and 2.
    Music is Feuer Frei by Rammstein.

    This clip is my very first clip. It developed after I played around with moviemake and footage from work. I work for a steel company. Since feurer frei has something to do with fire I wanted to use footage from the company and set it to the song.

    The idea to use bloodrayne 1 cam from a sudden flash of insight that feuer frei also means to open fire. In my mind I saw several weapons firing when it was shouted. I knew a fitting clip from bloodrayne 2. Which is the one in the middle with all the gatling guns firing into the mass of creatures. Okay this gave me 20 seconds of footage for a song lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds so I dug up any clip and scene I could find, including those of Bloodrayne 1.

    Hope you like it.
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