I submit this video for reviewing. I just started out editing two months ago and finished two projects that I put on you tube.
This is the second one which I am extremly vexed about as I did everything I could in my power to get it on you tube as I it came of the video editing table. I uploaded it as wmv 6 times(the avi output was bad or very very big) of which 5 times failed, the 6th time the sound and video were a complete mess. So I converted the movie to high quality flash myself and then uploaded it again and ran it several times and it looked fine.

Today, on another computer, I noticed that the video is slightly off key. When the music shifts mood, a scene ends and another scene should start, but now the clip starts a split second earlier ruining the entire effect. In my orginal file the move is right on the mark(it took me quite some time to get it exactly right). Does this mean that the result of a video depends on the computer(the displaying software)? If so, is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Movie takes about 5 minutes. The scenes are from the movie
Dracula 3000 set to the song One of Those Days by Pink Floyd(For the record: i am not a fan of the movie, although I am of Pink Floyd). I use the song to dictate mood and scene. Clip is made with sony vegas platinium 8d.
Ripped with Magic Dvd and converted into avi 25 fps.

I wanted to experiment with movies. I bought this movie(cheap you know) and concentrated on the scenes with two people in them (Tommy Lister and Erika Eliniak) because they got the most scenes and most of the interaction. I immediatly decided that the actually vampire guy would not be shown. Also there are some coffins in there that I would rather have left out, but most of the fight scenes are in the same area so you see them in the background.

I also decided that the the space ships scene would be in the clip. These gave me the most trouble. For some reason these scenes stutter quite easily despite the fact that they are of the same quality as the rest of the scenes. In the finished product they still stutter. I think it has to do with the fact that the frame rates are mixed between the original footage(25), the project settings(30) and finished product (29.97). Probably in the movie the space ship scenes where also of a different frame rate then the rest of the movie?

The idea was to start out with long slow scenes intermixed with scenes from the ship(to create the setting) and then slowly picking up speed when the music start to increase in loudness and tempo. The fight scenes I put to the end and those with people speaking at the front, because at the end the music is so loud and exciting that there is no room for conversation. During the course of my editing I noticed how the both of my main characters actually killed the rest of the crew, so that is the basic setting.

I also needed something next to the music to suggest progression in the story, so I introduced the clock that is running backwards. In the movie it actually doesn't count down but count up and two seperate scenes: one from1 to 4 seconds and one from 25 to 28 seconds. I reversed it. It gave me a lot of trouble as this caused a lot of stuttering. Also originally I ended each scene in a screenshot that in the preview(in any mode I tried) seemed to work without problem but in the finished product cause an annoying jump. I deleted them all and only kept on a the end. You see it slightly jump(damm I now suddenly realise how I can achieve the same without the annoying jump argg...Drat Drat Double Drat).

Okay it has been a long talk. Sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed the movie.