I wasn't sure which section to post this in. I have videoed weddings for a few of my friends and edited them. Both friends have been really pleased with the results and it has inspired me to try and take things further.

I am considering purchasing a canon DM XMs camera as I am currently using an old canon cancorder that is about 10 years old! I understand this camera has good reviews, although I have come across the HD debate too.

I have been using Magix Movie edit pro 2005 to edit the videos with, on a bog standard home PC. I am aware that I will have to upgrade this software and system at some point, altough at the moment this is not financially viable for me to do.

If I was to go for the camera, would I notice an improvement in the quality of the video, even if I continued to use my current set up for editing until I can afford better?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.