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    Default short video

    Here is a video to give you guys an idea of the videos i make.

    dont share this link if you could do me that favor my bandwidth has been getting killed to the extent of $1500 a month

    15 megs

    the begining is the part where i am trying to soften the edges of the picture in picture windows as they go across the screen


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    Rather than softening the edges, why not try creating a thin black border around the edge of the clip? It also seems a bit odd running the clip along the top border. I would definately move this inside the safe area.

    In addition to the above, you might consider giving your PIP rounded edges.

    Or even better, have the main shot in a rectangle box with a coloured trim, then have the PIP boxes moving around. These would be a square as opposed to a rectangle, but with the same coloured trim.
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    Some nice footage there, good shots and angles. You also captured the sound well.

    My own personal view is that I would probably remove the PiP part at the beginning and have those as faint video showing through the main video and probably have a few of them doing that almost simultaneously (starting a few frames apart from each other).

    The effect is demonstrated well here in this -->video clip<-- (between sec 29 and 33)

    (Marc, why do the hyperlinks sometimes not show when using the bbcode url tags?)

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    phpBB (the backend of the forums) uses a forum wide colour for hyperlinks. As this includes the above navigation which I want to be black, all hyperlinks come out as black. Without hardcoding ammendments, this will stay the same If you want to post in line links, I would suggest you bold and/or underline the word. Alternaitively, post an online link in the form for "www.mylink/this is a long link that will make the page stretch.html".
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    It's a great video, but I don't know what it's about. (well cars obviously but.. just shut up :-P)

    Is it just you and a few friends messing around? Is it for a club or organisation? It it some sort of promo video?

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    its almost a trailer for my next dvd, needs a little more refinement still

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    Default bandwith

    I dont pay for my webspace I run a webserver off my computer... Its not even hard to set up and runs pretty fast for free if u want any help just respond of Insant Message me on AIM at "k8p"

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