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    Off topic, but does anyone know why I can't burn more than what seems to be about 60 minutes on to a DVD?
    No matter whether it's totally raw (50 or 60GB) or in a reduced form (20GB,) they both seem to take up the same amount of space on the DVD. It's frustrating because I have to separate the project on to a couple of DVD's.

    How can I fix this (or can I at all?)


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    Perhaps you should see if you can set the encoding rate to VBR (Variable Bit Rate). Sometimes there is also an option to tell the encoder it should squeeze the whole video on to the disk. This obviously affects quality if you have a lot of video you are trying to encode.

    Sounds like you might be trying to encode at maximum constant bit rate (9.8mb/s).

    Can't think of anything else which might be causing it.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    What application are you using and how is the source file encoded? It sounds like the source file is beimg transcoded at the maximum bitrate with PCM audio. This would equate to 60mins.

    I suggest u take Lloyds advice and encode at a VBR with a lower average in the DVD authoring application.

    1) if the source file is not encoded in MPEG2, this will be encoded to MPEG2 by the DVD authoring application. No matter how small the file, if it's the same lenght, it will always take up the same space

    2) if the source file is encoded, but it's being transcoded by the DVD authoring app, 1) above applies

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