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Thread: WMV still images on playback

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    Good day,

    I am having a challenge with playing WMV files on my system. Recently, I had to do a format/reinstall of Windows XP, so I lost 3 years of accumulated codecs. I'm using WMP 11 and have applied all known codec packages that I can think of.

    For WMV files, I have audio but the image remains still. Clicking on the progress bar will advance to that point in a timeline but only about 1-2 frames will play and the image freezes.

    It seems the challenge I am experiencing is isolated to WMV with certain characteristics and not all WMV files in general Using G-Spot, I have isolated that the files in question have system bit rates of 925 kb/s. The status for the WMV3 codec on my PC is Undetermined according to G-Spot. Attempting to download an install codecs for this format offered by Microsoft result in a no go for the system already sees theses codecs as installed.

    Files of the WMV standard created by Windows Movie Maker play fine.

    As well, these files seem unique from the standpoint that there is a ticker of information across the bottom of the WMP window (not on the video frames).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a Great Day!

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    Is your processor running at 100% when playing the files affected ??

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    Running one of these clips for 2-3 minutes the CPU would go anywhere from 6% to 78%. I noticed that when the rate was on the way down, it would level off at around 10% - 15% and I would get a change in the still image. When that change occurred, it always seemed to be at a key frame (to use the parlance of Virtual Dub) - changes in the image brought about by switching from one person to another in a dialogue exchange. Once the change occurred, the CPU would drop to 6% and then work its way back up.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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    Have you installed service pack 2? It's on three now but avoid it as it has/had bugs. With SP2 on the player just goes and gets any codecs it's missing automatically I find.

    What about your graphics card, did you re-install the latest drivers for that?

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