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    Hi all,
    Im newbie here. But i had involved the post production industry for more than 4 years. Here's my reel, hope you guys can give some critics, advice, suggestion or anything about this reel.

    Thanks before,


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    Sorry, i'm forget to write the link:


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    Came across to me as snappy and sharp, which is a good thing, I liked the establishing shots of the control rooms etc. One down side of that is that it's a bit tiring on the eyes and should have been about half the length for me because of this, to be honest, I stopped it halfway through so sorry if I missed something later on of note.

    I really didn't like the film negative 'frame' used, and like this forum's logo I don't get why this is associated with the impression of digital imagery, a personal thing that, it's well dated now and mostly inapropriate apart from the feature film industry, but I understand most folk are familiar with the reference to it. It also cut the important central image element down in size too much for me.

    But yeah, what I saw gave a wide scope of things that can be done with images in a reporting/documentary vein, so job well done I would say.

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    Its impressive, but way too long, I stopped about 2 min in, I believe my attention span is quite good as I am in my 40's. (yep im a old guy)

    And thats the key to a showreel, attention span, you have to deliver your best in a short time, as soon as you start boring the audience with all the amazing effects well you loose, the viewer moves on without getting your final stamp on their mind.

    I hope this helps you understand attention times, its like having a huge cookie jar full of amazing goodies, looks impressive as a whole, reality is you could never eat the lot as only a few will be too much.

    Trick is knowing when to stop, applies to all video projects as well.

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