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Thread: Fading Links in DVD4

  1. Default Fading Links in DVD4

    I actually have two related questions:

    1. While you can delay the appearance of the "active" highlight on links in the menu of DVD4 by setting the "Loop Point" on the properties on the Menu, I don't see a way to de-activate them before the menu's end. Is there a setting for this anywhere?

    2. If the answer to Question #1 is no, then is there a way to fade them out? In other words, if I fade the video clip I'm using for my menu background, the highlighted link stays in its full color, so it defeats the purpose of the fade out.

    Either a solution to #1 or #2 would solve my problem, although #2 would be more elegant.

    Thanks for anyone who's got the answer (no prize, though).

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    It's been a while since I had cause to use DVDa but I'm sure v4 supports keyframing on the menu's now. Check the help file, I'm sure it does....

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    DVD4 does have keyframing, and while I've never used it I can see from the description that it might be a workaround for my problem. BUT there's this caveat that I think shoots down that approach:

    Note: ...if a button has keyframe animation applied, button highlighting may not be visible when you burn your project to DVD.

    Since I am using only the highlighting (I make the button invisible) this sounds like it won't work for me. Is that how you read it?

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