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    So I have this new site, I'd like to get some feedback on. Its:

    Captain Euchre and the Tights and Fights Story of a Lonely Superhero

    and its a silly superhero video blog staring, you guessed it, Captain Euchre. There are 52 episodes and it sold for television.

    Sorry I don't know how to make it into a player
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    Oh and don't expect this show to ask much of you, just sit back and get into the story.

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    guess what this is.......

    i'm speechless.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Short, simple and very funny. I hope you put all those things back before she got out of the shower?

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    That's just the beginning of his problems. Later on he accidentally asks a stripper to marry him, he ends up in jail where everyone wants to shank him, and gets a boner in front of the whole city. Watch all 52 episodes...we're working on season 2 now.


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