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Thread: Check out my recent YouTube video

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    Talking Check out my recent YouTube video

    My 113th YouTube video. Enjoy!

    My custom stages in SSBB #10


    Yep, finally a new custom stage set! It's been a while since my last one. This one's pretty good tho. Comemnt, rate, and enjoy plz =)

    I love my second and last stage in this vid. The second stage in this video (Great Divider) took me a while to make.

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    Nice stages and great video quality.
    Please tell me which program you use in order to record.

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    Default my 2 cents

    Not being a gamer, this made no sense to me.

    What are you trying to accomplish with this video? Perhaps people like me, (non-gamer) aren't supposed to get it.

    But if your intention with this video is to appeal to people who do not already know your point then you might wish to add some narration or other storytelling element that conveys information.

    The resolution looked very good.

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    Well, all I can say is that I applaud all film making - I just dont get some of it. All I can see is a game - not a film. I dont think i am in the target demographic. Or want to be !
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    Default yup

    I agree sir.

    A lot of stuff goes over my head. I am short.

    I am old and do not keep up with a lot of pop culture.

    To me, that video was just a pov shot of the game being played. It looked like someone just recorded a screen shot of them playing. I saw absolutely no story. But of course, I admit I maybe just don't know everything!

    So if someone else likes that video, then more power to 'em.

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    Cool, youtube channel.
    I once thought I was impervious to the lore of the darkness...I was mistaken...

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    The phrase 113th youtube video gave me a clue. It looks like you just recorded the gameplay with FRAPS. This reminds of this video though

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