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Thread: Saving Private Ryan Fog Effect

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    Default Saving Private Ryan Fog Effect

    I've been trying to replicate this effect in Premeire Pro and After Effects, but havent had any luck so far.

    This tutorial shows how to achieve this effect step by step in Sony Vegas.

    I've tried using the same combination of effects - Gaussian Blur, Glow and tried playing around with the values for Brightness, Contrast, and HSL, but still havent been able to replicate it.

    Anyone know how to create this effect in either Premiere Pro or After Effects?

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    If the opening few seconds of that vid are what you are trying to produce then look at this

    The Bourne Flashback: Creating a Flashback Look : Adobe After Effects Tutorials Podcast

    It's a video tutorial giving step by step instructions for After Effect CS3.

    Of course he calls it the 'Bourne Flashback' look rather than the 'Saving Private Doo-Dahs' effect

    Hope it is what you're after.


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