Hi all,

Great to see this forum is doing so well, I joined when it had just started years ago ,lost my details so now im back with a new username.

Im getting back into video conversion / editing and I need a new unit.

Ive gone the pc route before with expensive cards and seperate boxes for cleaning signals etc and now I have a standalone dvd recorder and just import the vob files, change the extension to mpg and do everything else with vegas and architect.

However, I have some old camcorder tapes that need a bit of cleaning and my unit does not appear to have this.

The Jvc drmv1 appears to have evrything I could possibly want, especially video cleaning hardware, but there are lots of reviews claiming it overheats and becomes useless.

Anyone know if this problem has been addressed or is it still the same ?

I used to have a jvc svhs deck that had ltbc and digipure which were brilliant and am now looking for a combo dvd vcr that has similar ?

Any help would be great as I dont want to end up with a 'known' dodgy unit.