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Thread: White or transparent background ?

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    Default White or transparent background ?

    Hello everyone ! am new to all this and with adobe premiere

    am making a small presentation for a unit. i needed to make a 360 view of the unit so one of my co emploies helped me out by rotating the unit 360 under a turn table. we recored that 360 3 times.

    my questions are

    How can i just crop one of those 3 and erase the audio and the rest of the video?

    How can i edit the movie with white or transparent background since i recorded him too turning the turn table ?

    I would really appriciate as much information i can get
    thank you

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    Depending on what colour the unit is, you can use a blue or green screen as long as neither of those two colours appear in this unit. You need either a large smooth cloth that can be held up or attached to a wall or a large board with supports behind it. It has to be evenly lit and then record your scene. Then in your video editing software (which needs to have chromakey or blue/greenscreen) you select this effect and it will remove the colour blue or green and make the background transparent. Do a search on Google for more info about blue and green screen techniques and how to construct a homemade setup.

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    thx, so there is no solution for changing the background of the movie i made ?

    it was filmed out side by a road.

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    you can go in frame by frame with photoshop and erase the person and background. You could use a mask in Aftereffects or your editing suite to mask the person out. But if you want it to look good, do the work in photoshop.

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    thank you. that would take alol of time :( would it be better just to video shoot it again with green background ? since am not that familiar with masking in after effects.

    thanks for the advice.

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    I'd have to disagree woth TopherX. For video I would opt for rotoscoping in Aftre effects over Photoshop any day. It's what it was designed for and does a far better job. That aside... he is right though, the only way to fix it is to spedn hours painstakingly removing the bits you don't want frame by frame.

    Much better would be to shoot it again making sure that anything in your shot you do not want is a distinct colour from teh stuff you do want. Primary colours are best. Red is not often chosen because it an integral colour with most flesh tones and so is not good for jkeying people. That's why green and blue are used mostly.

    Once shot, pull into your app. and key the green/blue out. Not convinced Premiere has the best keyer but it may do the job.

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    thank you all for advice, am planning to re take the video with a green background color ( instead doing frame by frame heh will be 80 when that stuff is done)

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