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    Hi, I want to upload a .wmv and share it to some ppl on a gaming message board but that I took from a LAN we had but I realize that there is some sensitive info posted on the bulletin board in the background of the room where the LAN happened. It has to do with logins etc and I don't want everyone on the site to see it. In some shots in the vid you can see that info: is there a way for me to edit the bulletin board out, like by covering it with a black square or fuzzying it out with video editting it? The vid is shot from a moving camcorder so the board moves around in the background a lot: can I somehow move a black box or fuzzying effect to cover it when its in view (only like 20-30 seconds of the entire vid). I'm on Win XP and have no software or any experience with vid editting btw: hopefully there is some free software that can do this on and you can describe how to do it? Thanks

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    Click ojn the lini at the toip of this pages called 'quides'. in there you will find allyou need. there is an article on video editting for next to nothing and another of censoring your footage -exactly what you need to do.

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