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    I am using Premiere Pro v 7.0. I am working on a 2 hour high school musical that I have broken down into 2 acts of just under an hour each. I exported the first act to an AVI file then converted that to MPEG to make a DVD. When I viewed the DVD I saw that the audio was not in sync in some places. So I went back to the timeline and checked the section and found it was in sync on the time line. So I did a test and exported that same section again, less than 2 mins., and it was out of sync in the AVI. I even tried exporting the video and audio separately, made an MPEG and again out of sync. I have make hundreds of clip reels using Premiere 6.0 and never had this kind of problem.
    Any ideas?
    My hardware:
    Self built PC, XFX 7109 motherboard,4gigs of DDR2 667 mhz RAM, Intel Quad Core 2.4 Ghz processor, XFX GeForce 8600 GT video card.

    Thanks Dennis

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    Only a small section is out of sync? It seems strange that should happen and the rest plays back alright. Did you make the video up from clips of different video formats, say avi joined to mpeg joined to mod and so on? If you did then there may be a problem where you converted one format to another and it is causing this out of sync problem you are now experiencing.

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    I may not have explained it right. The show is 2 hours long. I finished the first act that was made up from 2 sequences embedded in a 3rd sequence. I did an export movie and created a 57 minute AVI. Then I used MainConcept to encode to MPEG. Then I burned a DVD. When I viewed the DVD it was out of sync all through the dvd it just seemed worse in some places.
    When I looked at the AVI I found it out of sync.
    I have today done some tests on small parts of the time line and got good results so I defragged the hard drives and right now I am outputting a new AVI of Act 1. Act2 was all done in one sequence and I will try it next it maybe the embedded sequences that is causing the problem.

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    What are your project and footage interpretation settings? Make sure they are exacty the same, no rounding. Easy for PAL, not so easy for NTSC where you have three decimal places of frames per second.

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    Well I checked and the settings are cool. I did a new export after I de-fragged the hard drives and up dated my MPEG encoder. So far Act 1 is in sync now. Also I made sure the encoder was set to drop frame I think the first time it may have been set to non drop frame.
    I am encoding Act 2 hopefuly the problem is gone. I think the problen was a fragged HD.
    Thanks for the input.

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    Hope everything is OK now, but just a thought, I had this problem a lot until I set the interleave to 1 frame and never had the problem again, I was using Premiere 6 so it might not be relevant.

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    The 2nd act came out fine. I never really found the problem but I think it was the fragmented hard drives. I was surprised because the drive was not very fragmented and I still had about 200 gig free. My old system uses a Matrox RT2000 that splits the audio and video onto 2 hard drives. This system is software only and the audio and video are one file. My guess is that with the drive fragmented for some reason Premiere had a problem when outputting the completed file. Anyway the project is done and burned to DVD and is in sync.

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