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    I have Sony Vegas Movie Studio but I need to make a Yearbook slide show for school at the end of the year, and VMS doesn't have the right type of "effects" I'm looking for. I don't want it to be a basic slide show, I want it to be one that stands out because of the effects used. So my question is, what would be best for accomplishing this, an apple computer or a pc. I'm going to be buying a laptop for when I go to college and I was thinking of buying a mac because I already have two desk top pc's. Do mac's have any programs that come with the computer initially that is great for making slide shows or are there any inexpensive programs that are made or mac's that would do the same? Thanks in advance!

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    Firstly, a question - what sort of effects would be the right sort of effects? VMS is pretty flexible - you might have to work a bit to create the effects but at least they'd be your effects and not something pre-packaged. Of course Vegas Pro offers more - but not in terms of more effects, what it does offer is more tools (more tracks, 3D track motion) which give you more score in creating effects.

    Secondly, a point. If your slideshow stands out because of the effects then it's standing out for all the wrong reasons.

    Thirdly, this PC vs that Mac, this software vs that software are, unless one is looking for something very specific, pointless arguments. Machines and software are tools. Creating an interesting slideshow that captures your audiences imagination is a mixture of art and marketing (knowing your audience). Putting the thing together is merely a technical matter of knowing how to use your tools.

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    Are you using the "Transitions" or "Video Effects". If your familiar with the program you could do alot of different things

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