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Thread: Problem with SnagIT, the screen capturing software

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    Default Problem with SnagIT, the screen capturing software

    I'm using SnagIt 8 to capture video from my screen for my tutorial videos, but I don't know why the video file becomes TOO large!

    1 minute video = 30 MG !!

    I'm looking at the other tutorials and they have a tutorial of 45 minutes video which is only 20 MG!!

    There's no other option to save the captured video rather than avi.

    Does any one know how can I capture video from screen in smaller files so I can put them together in a CD?

    Any help will be appraciated.

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    I use snagit and the sizes of the files you mention are about right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    I use snagit and the sizes of the files you mention are about right.

    Hi Mark. I didn't mean if the video file size is right or wrong. What I mean was, how I'll be able to create my video tutorial files in smaller size just like the other video tutorials that I see!?

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    Red face It's all in the capture codec

    SnagIt video capture is only as good as its codec. You can change the capture codec, but you have to have a good codec that can be used at capture and still be usefull afterwards (meaning a codec that most people have on their PC so they can view the screencast). With a really good system, I've been able to capture using the DivX or Xvid codec with SnagIt 8. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    It really depends upon the system and what's being captured on the screen. If you're capturing a PowerPoint or software demo, about any codec will work. If you're capturing a video or game play, you're going to have a tough time.

    So, here's how to change the video codec:

    Change Capture Codec

    Good luck.

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    Thanks a lot Chris.

    I changed the codec as you said though I don't know what it had to do with the video file size, but still I have the same problem that my captured videos are too large!

    1 min = 18 MB

    This way I won't be able to make a tutorial film of one hour in one CD!! and not even in one DVD!!

    I'm wondering what program people use to create their tutorials!?

    for example on this site I download a tutorial film of over one hour which is only 100 MB!!

    Digital Art Tutorials: Photoshop Illustration and Coloring Video Tutorials; digital coloring, tutorials, coloring comics, digital painting,photoshop tutorials,free photoshop tutorials

    I think I won't be able to capture a video for one hour in small size so I can put it on a CD with SnagIt,

    please do let me know if you are using any other program that does the job for you.


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    Default Probably Camtasia

    Looks like those videos were made with Camtasia. Full disclosure, I work for TechSmith (they make SnagIt and Camtasia).

    I would suggest you give it a try and see if you can get the file size you're looking for:

    Screen Capture, Screen Recorder, Video Hosting, and Usability Testing Software

    Camtasia Studio costs a bit more than SnagIt ($300 vs $50), but if you want to do nice videos like the example you posted, it's designed for that. And, sorry about the sales pitch, i only joined to answer the original question about SnagIt, not to point you towards Camtasia. I'll step back now and let someone who is less biased answer your question.

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    Have a look at this:

    Screen Recorder Purchase

    It might help you and I think you can download a trial while you see if it does what you want.



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