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    Wasnt sure where to ask this question, but here goes.

    Would anyone be able to have a go at making a 2/3min video for a toolbar i made.

    I just need it for promotion, the toolbar company itself have a competition of 1000 and 500 for most views and best one.

    I have no interest in that.

    Just wondering if it would be 2much to ask? I fanyone up for it Id appreciate it, and then whoever made it can enter it in the competition if they want.

    Il even send mass email to 1500 members I have on forum.

    But anyway its just something I want to be able to advertise the toolbar throughout.

    If no then no problem. Thought Id ask.

    Examples are here, but mine will be clubbing related.

    I am no good at video editing or any of that so let me know, thanks
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