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Thread: Canon MV750i Transferring from tape to PC

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    Default Canon MV750i Transferring from tape to PC

    I have a Canon MV750i and a number of tapes I wish to transfer to PC.

    Can this be done with the 750i? If so, how? I have AVS media Suite to deal with anything I can transfer.

    Second question.
    I have 11 mini DV tapes from my wedding which have Video and Audio. These were recorded on Sony PD170's. I can play back the Video through the MV750i but I do not get the Audio (I think this is related to the Audio bit rate of the Sony being higher than the Canon as the Audio is pesent when played through the Sony and anything recorded on the canon, plays back through the canon). Would the audio be recoverable through the PC and AVS Media if I transfer the tapes via the MV750i to PC?

    Any ideas welcome

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    For Question 1 click on this link...

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