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    Hi, i m newbie.
    After i shot with Sony DCR SR 46(tiny cam), have it transferred to my PC and stored in PMB-picture Motion Browse- sony software,perhaps.

    My next step is to convert the footage to WMA.
    Import the intended fotage from windows movie maker for authoring but some of the footage the quality realy bad.

    wander, what happened? Does it Windows Movie maker problem or the converter via PMB-sony.

    I m realy new and zero. Any suggestion and advice most welcomes.

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    Hi If you only want the audio as a WMA you could try eRightSoft SuperC it's freeware or another program that would de-multiplex it would be ProjectX, and an easy mpeg editor is Womble MPEG Video Wizard, but this is not freeware but has a free trail period.

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    well i need both of audio and video. This is my first project. I shot with my Sony DCRSR46 and authoring vid with Windows Movie Maker(XP).The original footage quality satisfied me,but after converted MPEG2 to WMA(cos WMM does not recognise mpeg2) the quality seems very bad.(blurred and pictured sort of sheared)

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