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Thread: problem capturing and a problem with mpg in premier

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    Default problem capturing and a problem with mpg in premier

    1) When I import mpg files I can view them fine, they have full framerate, but when I put them into the timeline, they have maybe 1 frame a second, and I cannot press play on them at all, (same with previously captured DV files with respect to the cannot hit play on them in premier). And when I try to export the mpg files from the timeline, it ends up being about 1 frame per second, this does not happen if I use an avi file. I can't seem to figure this out, the framerate in the project and encode are fine (as I use same for both avi and mpg trials)

    2) I cannot capture DV at all. The screen shows up grey, not black. It is not my camera or cable as I can capture on my laptop. I can also hit play, stop, fast forward, etc in premier, and the camera will perform the action, but it will not show up in premier, nor will premier capture it. Windows won't capture video either, it says it cannot communicate with capture driver. I tried looking on the net for how to re-install dv capture drivers.. but I could not find anything on this, so I tried installing the panasonic dv codec, that didn't help.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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    premiere doesn't like to edit with mpegs so you might have to convert it to an avi.
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    Premiere doesn't natively support MPEG editing and these files must either be rendered on the timeline or converted to a less lossy format for editing (typically DV).

    With regards ti your DV problems, are you sure your project settings match your camera? Additionally, what are your PC specs and have you defragged you drives?
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    I can do the same thing on my laptop with the mpg files and it works completely fine.

    My system is a Athlon 64 3800+, SATA 120 and 250GB, 1GB RAM. Capturing worked at one time, it just stopped all of a sudden, and I even tried re-installing premier.

    I am 100% positive the project settings are correct, I pick a default NTSC non-widescreen one. I just can't seem to find the answers to my problems anywhere on the net with searching.

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    And your cam is definately NTSC. What country are you in?
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    Also, I cannot render the timeline, premier will only export timeline. I think there is something messed up with my dv rendering, which is causign problems with my capturing as well as editting. I cannot hit play, i can only drag the cursor over the timeline to view individual frames, and I cannot hit enter to have it render, it does not work.

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    USA, my cam works fine on my laptop with the same settings. I honestly think there is some problem with the drivers or something for dv capturing. I do not think it is a hardware or settings problem since premier cannot even just render anything.

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    Then I would suggest uninstalln and reinstalling Premiere. What version and build of PRemiere are you using? (Help > About in Premiere)
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    I dont have premier here at work, I am using 6.0 at home. And I have tried re-installing it, and that didn't work. I've tried re-installing it a few times now.

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    After uninstalling, backup you registry and delete all the entries fro Adobe Premiere. Re-install.
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