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Thread: Helmet Camera for Night and Day

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    Default Helmet Camera for Night and Day

    There as been plenty of discussions on helmet camera for the extreme sports crowd but one sticking point is low light and night action.

    For our work for outdoor sports we have been running the Adrenaline Sytems Ghost Cam II which has a day and night function. It produces great images and allows for maximum quality using a good Camcorder or DVR (of course)

    They also have varifocals and a wide variety of mounts.
    Our group has been using their stuff and have been happy with their help in this difficult field of extreme shots.
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    Hmm, plenty of discussion in my sport too, but usually people give up on them.

    Really, what is the point of helmet mounting a camera? Have you got anything other than a race replica breaking the law at nutter speeds when at least the rider might be still enough to make it watchable, although watching a road passing underneath is not really all that interesting.

    POV stuff is fine, but really, it's something serious videographers grow out of quickly as most stuff out of them is shakey dross that just makes the viewer feel sick.

    Nice advert though.

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    Default Adrenaline Systems Helmet action camera

    The whole point of a wired helmet camera is to control quality while maintaining flexibility: You don't have to mount a camcorder on a helmet but just a small lipstick size cam wired to a DVR or camcorder.
    The quality is determined by the recording unit: so you can go from low to super quality depending on your wallet.
    Your're right. I outgrew my POV in just one season.
    I go for the Adrenaline Systems as their stuff is very good quality with customer service which is hard to find now days:

    We recently go their V 2.0 and works super:


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    Yup agreed. I think it's a fun style thing for may people which is fine, but actually mounting a camera on a helmet rarely give results that are slick. Using the physically small size of bullet cams can be an asset though for sure.

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