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Thread: Help with Sony DVD Authoring - No Sound

  1. Default Help with Sony DVD Authoring - No Sound

    I edited a holiday video in Sony Vegas Movie Platinum 8.
    I added music to this as an MP3.

    I rendered the movie as a PAL MPEG and the same with the MP3, as AC3.
    Two files were created.

    I went into Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5 and created a basic menu, added
    2 buttons : One for the video, the other for the Photos.
    When I added the files to the menu I included the 2 seperate rendered MP3's that fit with each one.

    I created DVD files and thought before burning, I will see how it looks in Power DVD.
    The menu looks fine, the videos play fine, but there is no sound.
    The only sound I get is the music I added to the menu.

    Any ideas??

    Many thanks !

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    if the AC3 and MPEG have two different names then DVD-A will not pick up the audio.

    On the left pane double click the main video and then under the preview screen select the time line and see if the audio is under the video, if not then find the audio file and drop it into the audio track.

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    Do I do this in Architect ?

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    yes thats correct

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    It worked for the Video, which I had edited in Sony Vegas.
    However, for the photo slide show, I created this in another programme and is already rendered as a MPEG, but without music.
    I went into Sony Vegas and loaded the slide show.
    I then added the MP3 with the music track and rendered the music track with the same file name as the slide show and converted it to AC3.
    However, this does not work in DVDA.

    Do I need to re render the slideshow with the music in Sony Vegas as a MPEG again to associate the music file with the video?

    Many thanks!

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    It will work does with in DVD-A 4 and above I have done it many times, the audio must be the same duration as the video.

    check the project properties and make sure you have selected AC3 sound option.

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