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    I am experiencing a lot of weird problems with Premiere Pro 1.5. I did not have the same problems with Premiere Pro 1.

    Appart from that the software actually seems a little more unstable than the previous version I have had to start using Windows Movie Maker for encoding wmv and avi files.

    Using the media encoder in PP results in "unknown error" and a file showing only the first 10 to 15 seconds of what should have been a 22 minute video. ..of course it takes 2 hours and 50 minutes of encoding before I get this message. I can export it to DV-AVI no problems.

    It is very frustrating. No help from Adobe... ("it should work" basically)

    If I select a small (one minute) work bar area the encoding is fine.

    I upgraded to get the project trim feature but this upgrade is really starting to get to me.

    Is anyone experiencing anything like this?

    Thanks in advance

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    I've read a lot about the Mainconcept MPEG encoding engine inside Premiere 1.5 not liking the update (the long and short of it is that there IS a problem - which strangely enough stems from a work around in Premiere 1.0). Lucky for me, I never output to anything other than DV AVI from Premiere (then convert outside).
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    hmmm looks like i'll continue to use W Movie Maker for encoding then.

    Do you have any links to where you have read about this problem? I haven't seen anything, and support at adobe has not mentioned this to me in their emails.

    great upgrade...


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    Have you by any chance just upgraded Windows XP to SP2? If so have a look at:!login=true

    Strangely, I think the answer is to rename one of your files (details in above thread).

    Dan Jeffery

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