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Thread: Vegas Pro 8 [Medie Offline] Please Help.

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    Default Vegas Pro 8 [Medie Offline] Please Help.

    So I finally got Vegas Pro 8 to make my AMVs, and I started to make one about a month ago. I took off for a while to get caught up with my life. When I go back to work on it again it was saying files are missing. When I search for them nothing comes up it just says "Media offline".

    Then when I tried starting a new one I tried opening an AVI episode into the trimmer and it too said offline. I went online and searched for help and came close but no true answers. Replacing all offline media doesn't work. I don't know of any codecs I don't already have on my computer.

    My guess is that when I moved the episodes into another folder and renamed them it screwed with it but I don't understand why I can't replace them or add new ones if I can find the media and view it in my media player.

    Someone please help me out!

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    If the actual files have the same name let vegas look for them when it asks if you want to search and it will find them.

    If the actual video files have new This might not be the best soloution as I have nver had this happen but try right clicking on the media on the time line - look at the original name, then rename the clips back to thier original - probably only helpful if there arent too many.

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    Yeah I re-named them slightly so they would be organized better in their folder. I just re-named one of the episodes back to its original way, and tried finding it and nothing happened. I tried moving that one back to the original folder it was in, and still nothing happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sai_Walker View Post
    Yeah I re-named them slightly...
    I'm pretty sure you can specify new files when asking vegas to search for files.... Essentially, as far as Vegas is concerned, they will be new files.

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    I followed this video on YouTube that was telling me what to do. I located the new files for all the missing ones and replaced them. However, after they were replaced in my Project Media tab, they still say offline in the time line, and if I try opening them into the trimmer.
    Recapturing all offline media still doesn't work. I have also made sure that in my preferences that the box about offline media Isn't clicked. So I'm still at a loss.

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