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Thread: Just got Adobe Premier... And this, I'm sure, isn't going to be my the last thread...

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    Default How to:: Cut clips into smaller clips?

    Just got Adobe Premier... and... am a noob.... Lol.

    I always used WMM but it had so many limitations...
    So... my first question.
    Can you cut up clips of video like you can in WMM?
    I make alot of AMV's and when you have a full 25 minute episode it's so much easier to cut up the one 25 minute clip into like 25 1 minute clips...
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    use the cut tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablok2 View Post
    use the cut tool.
    Sorry, I had to smile at that.

    I dont use prem but I well remember my vegas fear. I read the manual, all of it, twice.... I stringly advise all noobs to take the time to read the instructions - it is time well spent.

    But do expect to be hugely frustrated for a few weeks....

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    take your time man, premier is loaded

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablok2 View Post
    take your time man, premier is loaded
    Nicely worded!

    it doesn't take too long to do simple edits in Premiere but it's a big app and you can expect a long learning curve on it.

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    I had to smile at pablok2's comment too, and his latter comment is correct, Premiere is huge... I remember when i first got it, it was a present as I was really getting into editing and fed up of WMM, and I just sat down to it and was like but simple edits are easy once you learn the basics of 'real' editing, like what In and Out points are and how they are used and stuff...

    This is a good page for the basics of an edit program demonstrated using PP... Video Editing Software

    and here they have tutorials for it...
    Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

    hope this helps! Good luck with your vids. I'm still getting into the more advanced stuff of PP... the others are right... very long learning curve!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeimjesuslol View Post
    Can you cut up clips of video like you can in WMM?
    All these pointers towards tutorials are perfectly valid, but as I can remember what is feels like very clearly I'll actually answer your question directly, as many of these tutorials use language and terms that you need another tutorial for! So in plain english: now you would have captured or imported your video, and dragged it on to the timeline as per WMM. To cut your section of video into smaller parts you'll find an icon on the little toolbar which looks like a safety razor, now that's like an old style razor blade with a safety edge on one side (good example of what I mean as many younger people have never seen a old style razor blade, let alone a safety version)

    This is the little chap:

    Click on that one, and the cursor will turn into a version of it, with a red bar over it when it's in a position that it can't be used.

    You can hover this over the clip, left click, and it will cut the video at that point to the nearest frame edge.

    Do do this more accurately, play your video in the preview monitor, stop it where you want the cut, using the frame nudging arrows there to shift one frame at a time to get an accurate placement.

    This blue marker guy: will move along the time line, with a red vertical line extending over your clip, place the razor over that line and left click. This way you know exactly where you are cutting.

    If you find it's not fine enough control, use the zoom tool, bottom left of the timeline window: to zoom further in, this allows finer alignment of the marker.

    Unlike WMM if you cut out and delete a section altogether it will not close the gap automatically, and if you move a cut section over another section it won't nudge the adjacent ones along, it over rides them. The covered bits can be recovered, but be conscious of that when moving things around. To close the gap that arises after a cut out right click in the space and hit 'Ripple Delete'.

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