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Thread: Need Help Urgently: Render Crash Problem

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    I am putting together a video for my Sons 5th birthday party (approx 1 hour long). Last night I thought I would go ahead and render out what I have so far to see how it looks when I stream it over to my Xbox360. I am using a MWV template 5mbs 720-25p. The video appears to be rendering without any problems but when I came back to check on the rendering status I had received an error that said that it had stopped working. I have since tried to replace the media at the specific area where it stopped but once I render the video out again the same problem occurs. Keep in mind, I have tried this about 5 times last night and it has stopped working at different spots 4 out of 5 times (deleted the image where it happended twice) It has stopped anywhere from 7% complete to 96% complete. I only have a few days to have this completed and placed on a DVD for my friends and family that are coming to my sons party. I would greatly appreciate any help. This is a very large project with lots of clips, images, music etc.... but I have a Quad processor and 4gig Ram so I would doubt it is a hardware speed/ability standpoint.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

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    At face value, Vegas would not necessarily choke on the media you speak of.

    However . . .

    1] How many and how big/resolution are the stills? If large, reduce the resolution.

    2] How many drives do you have? And are you rendering BACK to the system drive? And what disc space do you have? Don't forget rendering is CPU intensive and will use pagefile options to get the job done. If your system is being crowded out by the rendering it will attempt to park some of the processing onto a pagefile.

    3] Sure, I understand the motive to create a WMP file, but this would NOT be the first file I would attempt. Understanding the complexity/mixture of your media, I would initially attempt to render an AVI file. This ways you can be assured that you would end up with a file that you could then render forward to WMV or MPG2 and be, ostensibly, certain of the rendering process FOR your set-up being capable. I am a big advocate of making interim AVIs and IMO, this is a definite candidate for this.

    Bottom line, creating a complex photo and multi media project and going straight to WMV - something is going to give. Vega can cope, but you have to give it a chance!

    You could always make 4x15 minutes AVI sections then render these out?



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    Thank you for replying. I have read several of your post and was actually hoping I would get you to reply.

    I have two drives on my computer. C & E drive (should I render out to my E drive instead of my working C drive?

    My still image are all around 1.5 to 2 meg

    I will render out to AVI format you mentioned and reply back as to the result.

    Once again, thank you very much for you quick reply and I will get back with you later today with the result of the AVI render and possibly a question or 2

    Thank you,


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    "I have two drives on my computer. C & E drive (should I render out to my E drive instead of my working C drive?" Oh yeah Baby! I never ever render to my C system drive?

    "My still image are all around 1.5 to 2 meg" - Should be looking at not more than 2x the project reso. So for DV that's 1440x960 NTSC that's like 1.3824 mbs which is less than your 1.5 and WAaaay less than 2mbs - yeah?

    Look, Vegas is a great program. But you DO need to give it a helping hand. Sure you CAN render straight to WMV. In all things easy this is a no-brainer. But you are starting WITH a big CPU intensive project. As much as we creativily plan out projects, we aslo need to find a way through processing bit. WMV processing is CPU intensiove, having your pagefile thrasing about at THE SAME time as you are rendering to and the same drive? My thoughts are you have been lucky to get as far as you have. This is the great value and error of QUADIES - they mask the actual issues you may have.

    1] Separate the Drive tasks

    2] Knock Back the resos

    3] If you are getting the same result then make the AVI interim.



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