Hi there,
I've just become a teacher after working for 7 years (lately as self opping P/D) in TV. As one of my first jobs i've been asked to buy an editing suite and camera/possibly mics for the school. My Budget is 1500- 2000. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place in that my preference would be to buy a Z1 or cheaper equivalent PD170 etc, and a PC / Avid media composer, as i have loads of experience using this camera/edit- obviously the budget isn't gonna stretch to this (i want to buy equipment new so it is under warranty etc).

I want a decent camera (budget around 700), with some manual controls, and some way of controlling the sound (xlr inputs would be nice- i don't know if you can buy a break out box for consumer cameras - i'd like the option to use variety of mics- radios, me66 style, stick).

Edit wise i was looking at spending approx 1100 on a basic Mac with Final Cut Pro elements - we're not gonna be doing more than basic editing. Any suggestions / experiences?? Like i say i know more pro cameras but think i've gotta aim slightly lower.