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    Hi hope someone can help !

    I have a Sony DCR 101E Pal, which has been working fine for the last few years but suddenly when I used it this summer I have a sound problem, every couple of seconds the sounds cuts out, the picture is fine but the sounds keeps dissapearing. It isn't an editing issue as when I rewind and watch it on the camera the problem is there before it is transfered onto my PC ?? Unfortunately I no longer have the manual so have checked in the settings and can't see anything odd, (set to PAL and 16 bit) also if anyone knows where to get a manual that would be great !

    Many thanks

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    Sorry if these questions seem basic to the point of insulting but you haven't stated....
    Does this happen on new tapes or are you reusing tapes?
    Have you cleaned your tape heads?

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    Assuming you have the Sony PC101E (and not the Sony DVD101E), I own one of these cameras and have never come across a problem with audio recording from the inbuilt camera mic. Try using a handheld mic for a test recording to narrow down what the problem might be.

    Sorry I can't shed much more light on it than Tim has, but would just like to reiterate his second point as handycam tape heads can become worn very easily, especially if you leave it on standby a lot.

    As far as the manual goes, DCR-PC101E (DCRPC101E) : Camcorders : Manual : Sony : United Kingdom will give you the manual la PDF.

    Take it easy, Rgb

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