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Thread: Edition 5 anyone?

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    Default Edition 5 anyone?

    I recently purchased a new unopened copy of Edition V5 Pro and am trying to digitize some footage from a VHS tape using the analog inputs. Here's is what I am running into. When I run the vcr and select digitize all I end up with is the first frame of the video. Also, I am not getting any sound when the video is running on the logging window. I've digitized video through the DV link from my mini dv camcorder without a problem. What am I doing wrong?
    P.S. This definitely has a steeeeep learning curve compared to Pinnacle Studio.
    Especially for a guy over 60!

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    This is the one with the dual head graphics card and the silver breakout box right?

    Have you tried installing specific drivers, last i remember Nvidia made a Pinnacle version, I have them saved somewhere if you want to try them.

    or,if all the settings are correct do you just get the still frame on preview, but when you playback the capture it's ok.

    In analouge capture you can change the settng to be carried out usign different settings, have you tried them all. From memory it.. Time, timecode source, date and maybe custom...

    It's been awhile since i used edition, but i love it and will install it again now.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Tony Rhodes

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    Yes, this is the one with the graphics card and breakout box. When I send the captured video to the time line, all I get is the first frame. If I use the mark in and mark out while viewing the video in logging mode, I get the first frame of each mark in and nothing else.
    I used the drivers that came with the video card.
    As far as different settings for analog, I only see one setting for video and one setting for audio.
    My wife and I are baby sitting two of our grandchildren for a couple of days at their house, so I haven't had a chance to try it again. I will keep you posted if I figure it out. It might take awhile.


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