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Thread: i need help linking a video architect

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    Default i need help linking a video architect i need help fast

    i have a video that i have a menu all made up for but i want to to a directors commentary.. how would i link that video into a different page
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    Hi, I dont often use dvd a so I havent got specific advice, but all you need to do is add another screeen to the project - just like you presumably already did to make the dvd you have doen so far ????

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    You can have alternative audio tracks in DVD-A, just add the audio under the normal one you have, make a new menu and in the options panel on the right of the preview window is what audio track should be assigned to that menu, pick the commentary one and it should work.

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    i need to know how to link the video so you can watch one without the directors commentary on it and one with it

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    and that's what I have just told you,
    if it is copy the original menu item and then change the audio properties on the right panel

    to insert new page from main menu right click on preview window and insert new page/menu

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    how do i copy the menu though

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    Just like you would in any windows program right click COPY, right click PASTE or CTRL+C & CTRL+V or click on clip and then hold the CTRL and drag a copy to a part of the screen

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    Gotta admit, when Braden first posted this query, I thought it'd be straightforward but couldn't figure it out so gave up.
    I've just tried your method Cheema, (which is what I thought when I tried it) but can't get that to work.
    Whether or not the menu items are links to the media or the media itself (ie whether the icon is a "chain" or a "film clip", if I change the selected audio track on one, it changes on the other as well.
    I must be missing something.

    A work around would be to treat the tracks as separate languages, but that's not really a solution.
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    i tried many things before posting it in here and i couldnt get any link to anything or set the audio for that click..

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    Look in the Sony Forums DVD-A it has been mentioned in there.

    Did you change the audio in the time line or in the preference on the left panel?

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