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Thread: Canon XL1s plus over 1000 of extras

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    Thumbs up REVISED PRICE 1199 : Canon XL1s includes over 1000 of extras


    Canon’s flagship MiniDV camcorder with a range of advanced features for professionals

    And not just the camera!

    REVISED PRICE NOW 1199 plus carriage (insured)

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that when you buy a camera like this that’s your total investment. Like everything you soon find you need all those “little” extras to get the best from it. In this auction you will also get those “little” things that make it a truly professional tool.

    The extras listed below would normally cost in excess of 1000 to purchase at the normal selling price…just google them and prepare to be amazed!

    The optics are perfect and it is 100% fully working throughout. It comes complete with all the usual accessories.


    XL1S Camera
    Canon Microphone Unit
    Zoom Lens 16x XL 5.5-88 mm IS
    Remote Control
    Battery Pack
    Shoulder Strap
    CA-910 Compact Power Adapter
    DC Coupler
    A/V Cable
    Scart Adaptor
    Lens Hood


    SP100 – Shoulder Pad SSP 51
    MA200 – Shoulder Mount (additional audio inputs) SSP 329
    Azden Wireless Radio Kit (Twin Aerial True Diversity c/w Mic transmitter) SSP 300
    Reinhardt Windsock (eliminates wind noise) SSP 55
    Canon CH910 Dual Battery Charger/Holder SSP 150
    Portabrace XL1s Bag SSP 225
    Three Sony 90 min mini dv tapes SSP 10

    Why is the camera and all this additional kit for sale? The recent purchase of two Canon XH A1 HD cameras and the need now to purchase a third. This is a great opportunity to purchase a complete, low usage, Canon kit to get you into the movie business (28 Days Later), the Wedding Business or even your own multimedia company, everything you need is here!

    Listed on Ebay with a price tag of 1399 ... or make a sensible offer....carriage will be insured and around 30

    Here's the Ebay link if you want to see the photos of all the kit etc.

    Canon XL1s MiniDV Camera with over 1000 extras on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 04-Oct-08 12:08:13 BST)
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    Item not found on ebay.


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    Apologies for that....some numpty from the USA used buy it now...didn't obviously read in the print that it said "For delivery/sale in the UK only" or the fact that the Canon is PAL not NTSC.... if you are interested, until I get the advert put up on Ebay again I can email you the ability allowing lol...I could try and upload them here....
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    correct link on Ebay now (I hope)

    Canon XL1s MiniDv c/w over 1000 of Canon Extras on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 07-Oct-08 20:34:39 BST)

    1399 or "Best Offer"....if you dont'll never know

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    in view of the constantly changing market, we're dropping the price to 1199 plus carriage...unfortunately though we won't split the package...i.e. the 1000 worth of accessories as at the end of the day anyone who buys a camera like this soon discovers that you really need all the extra bits and bobs to get the best from it.
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    revised price 1199 plus carriage....the interest is about to appear on our credit card for the new camera just purchased....grab the Canon XL1s now!

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