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Thread: Easy to use capture s/w via usb?

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    Default Easy to use capture s/w via usb?

    Hi all

    this is my first post and as a newbie to all this capture, production stuff, I need some help.

    I have a panasonic camcorder which connects to my pc through usb (everyone tells me that firewire is better but I dont have it).

    Anyway, whats a real easy piece of software to enable me to capture the film from the camcorder so that I can send in-laws and relatives films of my lovely kids?

    I tried the Microsoft media thingy thats free, but that didnt capture any sounds from the camcorder, only film.

    Thanks for all your help.....

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    Well, what poeple tell you is correct. I absolutely would never recomment using a USB port to capture video. not under any circumstances. A lot easier if you simply accept the explanation that "it is just wrong" and leave it at that.

    If the video is of you "lovely kids" then it's simply worth doing properly right? You have a PC right? You can buy a firewire card to plug into it for only a few pounds. This is your best way forward.

    btw, what model camera do you have exactly?

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