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Thread: Audio issues while ediing on Vegas Pro, video taken on Sony DCR-SR45 Camcorder

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    Default Audio issues while ediing on Vegas Pro, video taken on Sony DCR-SR45 Camcorder


    I am trying to edit a video that was taken on Sony DCR-SR45 camcorder. I am new to Vegas as well as video editing in general. I see the video fine on the timeline but the audio does not appear. When I play the Mpeg-2 file on the windows media player, the video and audio are both fine. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Looks like you're not alone.
    It's not clear in this thread whether the proposed solution worked, but you might like to take a look.

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    I was having problem with my Sony Camcorder DCR-SR45, whenever i transfer video from my camcorder to my computer, the video has no sound. When I use a different computer, sound is ok. But Sony cybershot t200 digital camera is working fine with my computer. Please help!

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    From the looks of things you're capturing as MPEG-2 via USB? Are you capturing with Vegas? If not what are you capturing with?

    Are you saying that the audio works fine on another computer when playing in Vegas?

    You could try loading the file into Window's Movie maker. If the audio works OK there, try converting the audio to .wav or the file to .AVI

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