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Thread: help me choose a camera!! HVR-V1E or AVR-A1E

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    Default help me choose a camera!! HVR-V1E or AVR-A1E

    Could anyone please help, i have narrowed it down between 2 cameras i want to buy, a Sony AVR-A1E and a Sony HVR-V1E.

    I have a package in place for both with the same accesories (tripod, radio mics, lights etc) and the HVR-V1E is working out about 800 dearer and pushing the budget to the limit!!! It is for wedding work and i was wondering is there 800 worth of benefit between the models or would the AVR-A1E be sufficent for me, if the advice is that the V1E would be more benefical then i will go for that,

    Thanks in advance


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    When you buy a car you always drive it first - same with cameras - you are spending a fair old wedge and I would insist on roadtesting both cameras befor deciding.

    Also, I am pretty sure that the v1 shoots rpogressive ONLY and the a1 interlaced only. Both have thoer accolytes so if you have a pef that sohuld inform your choice.

    I cant recall where the xlrs are on the v1 but the ones one the a1 are in a really annoying place.

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