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Thread: Newb Editor. How would this be made?

  1. Default Newb Editor. How would this be made?

    Hey. Ok, so the way they transition from video to video looks like it's done with some sort of green screen technique, and I'm not so confused about that. I do wonder what program you would use to edit that stuff in such a way where the video would transition like that but. I guess you could do something like that with premiere, but from my experience with premiere, it doesn't seem like anything more than a glorified iMovie. I haven't had much experience with it though.

    Ok, so now about 1/3 the way through, it starts messing with text, and the text starts moving around the screen, and eventually it transitions to hearts exploding and reigning down on Washington DC. This is my big question of what they used to do this. It certainly isn't created in any video editing program I've ever seen. That looks like it might be made with flash or like 3dsMax or something (can 3dsMax be used to make stuff like that even?). I'm also under the impression that Flash is lower quality than that, so I'm not really sure what something like that would be made with. Any ideas would be great!

    What applications are most video editors familiar with? Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: haha, here is the link.

    Another question real fast here. You know how in videos where they are in a video, and they zoom out, and the farther they zoom out, the more videos are on screen, and then they zoom into one video and go from there? Where are things like that made? I'm just trying to get an idea of how videos are pieced together.
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    Questions like this are a bit silly.

    Like asking Schumacker how he goes so fast round corners. The answer is that he steers a bit with the round bit... but he has a bit of expirience to call on. Editing is the same.

    The fact you call prem a glorified m maker shows you appear to be looking for an easy way - there is hardly ever an easy way. What you refer too ( did you mean to post a link) will have been created by skilled creatives, not software.

    But having said that post a link and I will have a go at explaining.

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    Here is the link:

    What I mean by a glorified iMovie, is that I really haven't noticed too much I could do with Premiere that I could do with iMovie. In most of the applications I've been using it for, I actually felt a bit more constrained. I'm sure this is because of my lack of knowledge in the program though.

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    This is really simple effects using something like Adobe After Effects. They motion track the frames for the embedded images and drop another track into the frame, then rotoscope (badly) any features that move in front of the frame.

    The hearts dropping are just animated images I would guess, or if they were feeling snazzy it could be some particle effect, but that wouldbe overkill.

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