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    Does anyone have any tips on resizing photos in order to create a slide show with Sony Vegas in Pal?

    Previously, when I used Ulead VS, a mixture of portrait and landscape, different image sizes etc, they would appear severly cropped when played back on a TV or too small.

    I usually use Adobe Photoshop to crop or reduce pixel sizes.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks !

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    By default, Vegas will make your photo as large as possible without losing anything. In other words a portrait shot will show the whole photo with black bars down the left and right sides (pillar box).

    It does have problems with the large images produced by modern cameras - you're better off reducing the no of pixels outside Vegas. I get good results with 1049 x 576(PAL widescreen - I can't remember why it's not 1024 x 576) or double that if I want movable pan & zoom.

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