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    Just wondering how easy it is to synch up an mp3 file with footage using Vegas movie studio platinum 9? I am recording speech with zoomH2 and lookint to synch it up with footage in vegas. Is this way effective??

    Thanks in advance

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    i want to do this too.... I have the H2. On other forums I saw that they suggested synching up the wave file...don't convert it to mp3

    also, change the frequency in the H2 to 48000 instead of 44000 because that is what your video likely is.

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    Should work fine. I do similar with MiniDisc.
    A couple of pointers.
    Don't expect to sync at the beginning and it to remain in sync for an hour. Even though these things are digital they WILL drift. Look for a nice sharp peak to sync every few minutes.
    You really do want a nice sharp peak. I appreciate this depends on your environment and whether you can do this but I find nothing better than a countdown (eg "Mug shot 3 - take two 3, 2, 1") followed by a sharp clap.

    If you're recording a church service it may be a bit tricky to do this every five minutes so you just have to look for audio clues along the timeline. There's usually something.

    If you're not recording on-camera sound, you won't have a wav file to sync with so you'll need a visual cue. That's what a clapperboard is for - but anything that can be clearly seen by the camera making a short sharp slap will do.

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