Hey Guys,

I am just getting into video editing and was hoping the experts here could help. I basically want to take clips from different DVD's (already decrypted), add them together, and play background music (mp3) all on one DVD (using my DVD burner). ( im using Compaq Laptop w/Vista)

So the end result would be a single DVD that plays particular clips from other DVD's in a particular sequence with music in the background.

What Freeware is best for this task? There are multiple options on the freeware link found on this site, and I was hoping for the most user friendly.

Hopefully there is something out there that will allow me to splice each section from the DVD and save it, then create a sequence of multiple spliced video, and add an mp3 track to be played at the same time, then save it in a format that can then be burned to a DVDR, all in one freeware program (besides the burning software).

I was also hoping for a program that would allow me to mute parts of the video so only the mp3 would be heard as well as pause the mp3 so that the video could be heard.

Any help from the GURUS out there is extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance.