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Thread: Video editing card or dual processor

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    Default Video editing card or dual processor

    Just want to know if anybody knows what is the best option: Buying a new video editing card (like Matrox) or upgrading my Pc to a dual processor.

    I want to have better performance in my Premiere's renders, and of course, I can't afford both new card & dual processor.

    Thanks in advance

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    Personally, I wouldn't buy a card. Why? When the next generation of software comes along, it's not guarenteed to be supported. It also won't improve general, overall performance. Then there's the horry stories of proprietry codecs.

    If you regulary update, use the PC solely for editing and have money to burn, get a card. I spend all my budget on non-specific hardware.

    Just my opinion. Others with cards will tell you different.
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    Dual processors will help, as will more memory if it's specifically rendering you are looking at. Now, I am not an expert on Premiere but I think it only does CPU rendering. I don't think it does GPU renders (I'm sure Marc, Millsy, and everyone else will soon let me know if that's an incorrect assumption). However, based on my assumption an upgrade to your graphics card would probably be money down the kazzie.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Graphics card will add nadda (well, it will help in so far as a dedicated card would free up RAM). I was talking about an editing card such as an RT.X100. Millsy will argue it's a god send. I will argue that they're more trouble than they're worth.

    But as I don't have one, I would say that
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    OK, not going to get into this 'is it worth the money' argument. I do have a Matrox RTX100 and love it.

    My 2p though on the original question. If you simply want to reduce render time then adding another processor will reduce it I have little doubt.

    There are certian limits but my RTX100 reduces render time down to bugger all!!!!!! i.e. no rendering necessary at all.

    But I will say this though. Through my RTX100 I can perform realtime MPEG2 encoding and export multi version of the same project in realtime at the same time. i.e. 5 x WMV at different resolutions all in real time.

    But if you're looking to upgrade your PC in general then get the extra processor.

    Oh, and you need the right h/w to plug an RTX100 in. The damn thing even needs to be in just the right PCI slot too!!!! It's the sort of thing you should by in a purpose built editign rig. Ther eare lots of horror stories about compatibility. But then again, only the bad stories are posted aren't they?

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    Thanks a lot for your answers.

    Don't know yet what will I do.

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    well there are three upgrade paths here, i reckon.

    1) get the editing card. I'd probably get this after i'd upgraded other aspects of my machine, or if i ONLY used the machine for editing.

    2) go dual processor. This will speed up your pc a lot, but only on apps that support it, or while multitasking.

    3) go athlon 64. This is what i'd do. Get the meatiest athlon 64 and as much memory as you can afford for your budget. This will be faster in all applications than your current machine (much faster, most likely) and when we start getting 64-bit versions of these apps, you'll be laughing. Head over to tomshardware or anandtech to take a look, they'll probably have benchmarked an a64 solution against a dual processor setup.

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    See how those opterons run.
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    What are ur current specs?
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    I had a Canopus Raptor in my machine then upgraded to Premiere Pro. Everything went wrong, crash, crash, crash. Took the card out and hey presto all is well with the world again. Cant think of a single reason to use a card whilst I am on an OAP pension. Only if the lottery numbers come up would I consider a card.
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