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Thread: Need Help in VDO Sizing !!!

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    Exclamation Need Help in VDO Sizing !!!

    Can anyone help me. I have Premiere Pro 2. I'm importing a .mpg music vdo file but I cannot get a full screen picture in the sequence window. It's working fine in the source window, I tried resizing the vdo, but this only seems to enlarge the pic (and the pixels) and gives a poor quality output. plz help me with it..... dont know what settings shud i apply to it......

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    Sounds like your video clip is low resolution to me. What are the dimensions of the clip you are importing and what project settings are you using. Chances are you need to enlarge the cip to fit and you will ALWAYS introduce pixellation doing that.

    Not tomention that you are using a very bad format indeed for your source clip (downloaded it did you?). MPG is already compressed and you are compressing it even more. Good luck.

    Oh and one more thing. Respectfully, the use of TXT SPK on these forums is likely to urk off the people most likely to help you so please write properly and avoid things like VDO in the future.
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    Thanks ALan....

    Well i am using DV > NTSC settings and i have also tried .avi files but same thing happening again. Please help me out. i will be very greatful to you..

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