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    a few years ago I bought the Sony DCR-HC90E DV Camcorder (PAL) mainly for its ability to record video in progressive scanning mode. This gives the footage a much preferred film quality compared to the interlaced one.

    I want to buy a HD camcorder, using MiniDV tapes, but I cannot find any that support this feature, apart from the Canon HV30 and Sony HDR-FX7.

    Are there are any other HD camcorders that support the progressive scanning feature (for around 1,000)?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Have you had a look at some of the flash memory video cameras, like a Panasonic HDC-SD9 AVCHD 3CCD I think it does 1920x1080p

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    I would suggest that you dont wear those progressive blinkers too tight.
    The 'film look' is about many things and I reckon that 'progressive' is one of the least important.

    To me, progressive at 25fps just means very slow or jerky pans and poor renditin of fast action.

    At 25 frames for my dollar it has to be interalced.

    I suspect there is the perception that 25p must be better cos it was widely used as a hook to flog some cameras a few years back.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I want to avoid flash memory or hard disc camcorders since the quality of the video is still much better on tape.

    Since I use the camcorder for my work and the videos tend to be quite slow paced, 25p has worked perfectly so far and that's why I need my new HD camcorder to support the progressive scanning feature as well.
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    If you are not into zooms and pans, you would find the new flash HD cameras are so close in definition that it is very hard tell which type has done the videoing, I use a Canon hf10 and as long as I keep off the pans which do degrade the video, I'm very impressed with the results. but I only use interlaced 1920x1080i. I did a comparison between long and shot play and the way it downgrades video on pans and water movement using AVCHD h264 and posted it on Vimeo. I haven't put in the www. as it would link to this website and I'm not sure that's allowed.
    I see now Canon have now released the HF11 with a higher bit rate.
    By the way Vimeo does degrade the video. it's only to give rough idea.
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